Monday, May 19, 2008

This Just In...

I was sitting in the library and looked out the window to Cyril sitting on the fence, wearing a life jacket, and holding a rope. Not being able to imagine what he was up to I ran out to ask. He explained the life jacket was connected to the rope so he could slide down it. I thought maybe he wanted to try "fence climbing" and was debating whether or not I should let him try or make him climb down. I figured he's a boy and needs some creatinve outlets for his energy so I told him go a head. But he had to wait until I got the camera. Here he was getting into position and I realized he wanted it to be like those long cables you whiz down. I can't remember what its called but you know that thing you do on the obstacle course in 6th grade camp.
Unfortunately, the rope was a little slack and after awkwardly climbing to the ground he ended up walking across the yard to the big tree where he had tied the other end.
Luckily, we have a bit of slope at that end of the yard so he could finally hang from the rope. He lay there ginnning and calling

"Audrey, come see me. I'm flying."
I guess it was not quite the success he was hoping for because he told me it would work better in the woods. I told him to wait until Papa gets home and they could talk about it.

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