Thursday, October 30, 2008

Craft Day

We worked- We played-

Pippin is a "bun-rabbit".

And we made yummy muffins with the extra pimpkin-pecan waffle mis from William-Sonoma. I made some cream cheese maple frosting and we had them for a tea party with Tirzah and the kids.

We had a very crafty day yesterday. We've been better at getting our work done early- the other day we had finished math and reading by 9:15am-so we have had lots more time to play. Cyprian started it by asking to paint and he inspired all the kids to follow suit. Then when we finished that the kids went out to gather leaves and we did leaf rubbings. This one of Audrey's was my favorite.

I'm not sure where he got the idea but Cyril decided to to tornadoes. He offered to send it to work with Shane, after he adds a few more.

Cyprian and Kateri let off some extra energy with a friendly broom fight. Which I ended before there were any casualties.

And Cyril and Pippin had fun playing soldier with a toy drill and a bicycle pump for weapons. Very creative.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Annual Neighborhood Costume Party

Kateri's drawing of a dalmation. She worked for a long time making all the spots. I can see it displayed in the Museum of Modern Art.

Jack and Matteas came for a visit. The kids fight over "taking care" of Matteas. I'm not sure about the look on Pippin't face.

For the annual costume party Shane and I dressed up as what Kateri called "Red Robin and the Woodpeck".

Here are the kids. Audrey and Kateri were princesses. Cyril was St. Francis of Asissi- he was so excited about the fake birds. And Pippin was Superman.

Monday, October 20, 2008

And Guess Who's 10?

Grandma Trudy made another princess cake. I think that was 3 so far this year. Audrey's friend Anna came over to stay the night- a special birthday concession-and Grandma and Grandpa and we had a nice dinner and for breakfast we made dutch babies and sausage.

At 9:06 on October 18th, Audrey turned 10. At least I think it was 9:06. I wasn't looking at the clock by that point, but Shane remembers. I do remember thinking, "hey, we could show up at 10:00 Liturgy on time, with a new baby." But then the stupid hospital wouldn't let us leave until Audrey peed and threatened to call CPS. Or maybe that was over the fact that I said I did not want the ointment put in her eyes to treat her for an STD. Hence the three home births since then. But aside from that it was a lovely morning and Audrey was greeted by grandparents, aunts, and cousins lots of flowers and balloons. And I got a latte and a scone. Not from the hospital. In fact they never offered me anything in the 12 hours we were there. 12 hours too long. Needless to say I do not have fond memories of the maternity ward at Steven's Hospital. I did like my nurse a lot though. But not the doctor who was upset I didn't want an epesiotomy. Where is the "my body, my choice" philosophy when it comes to birthing a child? Midwives and husbands are awesome. Plus they feed you and rub your back. And generally do anything you want/need.

I have been struggling with how to give Cyril the outlets he needs for his energies in a safe and productive way. Mountain biking is good but only Papa can take him. You can only dig so many holes in the yard, and now it is getting too muddy and wet. So I pulled out his workbench and we went to the hardware store where I bought him a saw and some wood. He was very busy "hammering, sawing, and working away' until he cut his hand. Twice. I searched the garage and found his vise and things have been fine since. Here is showing off his helicopter. He was pretty proud.
Cyprian got this ball for his birthday. Unfortuantely, it is no longer a ball. Fortunately, it stretches and has now become a hat. Reduce, "re-use", recycle. I thought it was creative of the kids.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Guess Who's 3?

You will have to scroll down to see as I've loaded the pictures backwards- again. But I am sure you can guess who. Trying out the new bubble mower from Grandma and Grandpa. It was a big hit, the last thing he talked about before he fell asleep and the first thing after he woke up.
Cyril, and conequently Shane's, latest sport- mountain biking. Shane took Cyril out for about four hours of non-stop crazy trail blazing that I don't even want to witness. Apparently it was not enough because he came home and immediately got out the bike ramp to practice jumps.
Here is where the kids and I played while the big boys were braving the trails.
Audrey thought this willow was cool and said she wanted one in our yard. Me too.
And here is the birthday boy. Being the preepared mom that I am, I could not find three candles. And I could onlyl find pink, as Kateri's birthday was most recent.He didn't care though.
Here is the always much anticipated "Grandma Mac Birthday Card". It came two days before his birthday but he was with me when I got the mail and spied it. He ran back to the house, clutching to his chest and shouting,
"Hey kids, its my birthday from Grandma Mac!" He was so excited he had to open it on the porch.
He had frun blowing up the balloons and chewing the gum, which he was able to do simultaneously. Kateri helped him decorate her kitchen sink with the stickers.
Grandma Trudy started the tradition of decorating cakes with the kids so I filled up the frosting bag and let him go for it.
I thought it turned out pretty well.