Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tiri and Pipps

Sitting in the library, I heard these sounds,
"Squish, squish, splash, gurgle, flush. It was not until I heard this that I thought something bad might be happening.

"Hooray. We made it go down!"

I ran to investigate, and Kateri informed me they were making the garbagecan items go down. I have no idea what was in there. Obviously things that were not flushable. So far the toilet has not backed up due to the force feeding. I don't think taking the toilet off was on Shane's things I'd like to do this weekend list. Earlier in the day I heard some stirring in the living room. Actual spoon and bowl stirring. As soon as Kateri saw me she said, quite convincingly,
"No, Pippin. I told you that's a bad idea."
Recipe: grass, leaves, dirt, water, gravy mix.
I decided we needed to get out of the house. So the 5 of us headed to the garden store to get things for our garden. Which is another story.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Palau Pictures- just a few

There are so many to choose from and with the incredible scenery, every picture is gorgeous. Here we are swimming at the Milky Way after kayaking all day. We had another adventure there after we got on the Discovery. I'll post that video later. When I can find it.
We stayed at the Palau Pacific Resort for two nights before we got on the boat. I was curious to see how it was after reading lots of mixed reviews. We loved it! Its the only hotel with a sand beach and after breakfast we'd always go for a snorkel. It was nice just snorkeling off the beach. There were also trails to hike. This one ended at nice lookout. The food was also very good. Huge breakfast buffets with tons of choices. More about that later.

We snorkeled around an underwater Japanese Zero. It wasn't very deep. There was one funny little black fish who was very protective of the plane, hanging out inside the cockpit. Whenever you swam close he would dart out at your face. Not that he could do anything to you, but it was startling. And fun to tease him.

WE played lots of poker and dirty clubs. I didn't usually make it too long in Texas Hold'Em but it was fun to play. And I only lost dirty clubs once.

Sailing on to next incredible spot and watching the flying fish.

Shane the great hunter. He said the fish could tell he was not just sight seeing and kept their distance.

My forfeit for dirty clubs was to take the stand up- which I had never tried- and paddle it around the boat. As it was getting dark. Ian was coming in second to losing and offered to swim underneath to stabilize it. I was all prepared to go swimming but we made it around with only Ian getting wet.

Shane and Martin hike for a long. long, time and finally found the cave with ancient writings. I was glad I had not joined them for the journey but they had a good adventure and came back looking like Indian Jones.

We had some time before our flight left so four of us went out to dinner where we ran into the chef, Sole. We all had a good time playing Foosbal, and Charles and Ian taught us some dart games.

After disembarking, we all went out to the Taj for lunch. Its a very tasty Indian restaurant. We had lunch there our first day in Palau, and after playing darts and dinner at the other restaurant, ended at the Taj again for drinks and live music. It was fun sitting at the bar listening to well done renditions of Love Me Tender and My Brown Eyed Girl savoring every last minute of being in Palau until we figure out how to get back.