Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tiri and Pipps

Sitting in the library, I heard these sounds,
"Squish, squish, splash, gurgle, flush. It was not until I heard this that I thought something bad might be happening.

"Hooray. We made it go down!"

I ran to investigate, and Kateri informed me they were making the garbagecan items go down. I have no idea what was in there. Obviously things that were not flushable. So far the toilet has not backed up due to the force feeding. I don't think taking the toilet off was on Shane's things I'd like to do this weekend list. Earlier in the day I heard some stirring in the living room. Actual spoon and bowl stirring. As soon as Kateri saw me she said, quite convincingly,
"No, Pippin. I told you that's a bad idea."
Recipe: grass, leaves, dirt, water, gravy mix.
I decided we needed to get out of the house. So the 5 of us headed to the garden store to get things for our garden. Which is another story.

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