Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lots to Catch Up On

So a lot has happened in the past few months but I am going to skip most of it so I can feel I am all caught up and post about current and important things- important to me anyway. I wanted to finish up our Scotland trip pictures because lately I have been missing Bobby's culinary genius a lot and looking at pictures makes me remember a colder less barfy time when I wanted to and could eat a whole plate of lasagna and not worry that it was not quite what my stomach wanted and as a result I would never be able to eat, or even smell, lasagna again,. Ever. I have already had to cross several dishes off my safe list, some after only one meal.

Yes, the biggest news is we are expecting Baby Patton 5.0 in the fall, and given the discomforts so far, everything seems to be going well. I was worried that like last time it would not work out so talked Shane into not telling the kids for awhile. Which meant we couldn't tell anyone. But when the nausea got worse and Grandma was wondering why Shane was staying home to take the big  kids to lessons, Shane shared the news. And when they came home he announced it to all the kids.

Kateri's eyes got huge. She grinned and started jumping up and down saying, "Yes. That's what I've been praying for." She ran up to Shane and said " I KNEW you could do it!"

All the kids are excited, but I think Kateri thinks this baby is for her. She's asked if the baby can sleep in her room and I can't pass her without her patting my tummy and saying "Hi, baby".  She's making lists of everything we'll need to get and Then we got on to the business of sharing the work load a bit more and I started thinking I really need to get the kids on a sustainable and without too much oversight house cleaning routine. Which I have thought about  before every new addition to the family, but this time it's for real.

I am enjoying being able to feel crummy and stay in bed late or take a nap and know the house will not fall apart and the two year old will not flush toys down the toilet or use permanent marker on the walls if I am resting. A luxury you can only appreciate when the last three times you did have to worry about all that. And more. I am only two months  now, but I think the nausea is lessening a bit already. Which I am very thankful for as well.

So now, on to finishing up the trip pictures:

 The scenery everywhere was gorgeous.
 It was great to get out and hike after we'd anchored and get the views from above.
 This was hiking down to the beach after checking wind for paragliding.
 Skara Brae, which I think is said to be older than the pyraminds.
 The Old Man of Hoy.
 More ruins on an uninhabited island.
 The wind was not great. Captain Gavin and Iain did a tandem and decided it was not worth it to go again.
And then there was dinner.

 And lunch.

 And breakfast. Bobby would ask how you'd like your eggs that morning and there was coffee and tea to go with rolls and bread that made the whole boat smell like a warm bakery on a  cold rainy day.

And some days were really cold. There was not a day-or night- I did not wear at least two layers of everything, plus jackets, sometimes borrowing Shane's as well.

 And everywhere we went there were woolies, sometimes adding dinner music in the evenings we ate outside.
The boys solving the world's problems.
There were also 'Highlan' coos'.

A little bit of SUPPing and surfing.

More ruins on an uninhabited island.
 There was lots and lots of card playing. Some poker, but mostly Dirty Clubs.The best part of Dirty Clubs is not losing and watching the others do their forfeits.The last night we went on shore to a pub for drinks and cards. I am surprised we did not get thrown out, but I think the bartender was secretly amused by our antics. And we left a nice tip.I think Shane was enjoying whatever factoid Iain had just made up here. As he, Iain prepared for his pirouetting up to the bar and ordering another round. I was disappointed in that he did it in such slow motion as to not draw any attention to himself.
However, we were rewarded with First Mate Tom's forfeit of having to say 'meow' five  separate times when he ordered. Shane and Charles were very inconspicuously standing close by to document it. Shane was laughing so hard he could not stand up straight.
 Here Tom, Charles, and Martin prepare for their respective tasks- Dive down and get  a handful of  sand, swim to shore and back in not very calm water, and play the role of bar wench for the evening.

Shane's poker face.

All in all, it was a fabulous trip and a great way to end  the Best Odyssey. We decided not to join the next venture- Ocean Odysseys, I think-which will spend all five years in the South Pacific, as we have moved on to our own new adventure, which I mentioned at the beginning. Speaking of which, I think it's time for a little bit of toast, though I would love Bobby's lasagna.