Friday, December 27, 2013

Sixteen Years....and Counting

Today is our 16th anniversary! No cute wedding photo re-cap, because it was so long ago that all our pictures were etched into a rock wall somewhere. And I can't even find our wedding album to snap a digital picture of because, it's been 16 years! I know its somewhere in the house and maybe I should digitize them one of these years. But I haven't. Shane did get me my first digital camera two years later. And I promptly broke it 6 months later. Thus beginning my longtime love-hate relationship with anything more technologically advanced than a  screwdriver. I didn't even have an email account until after we were married. But I won't get started on how the computer-mama relationship has gone.

We didn't plan anything too special for this year. Last year, with a two month old, it was breakfast out and a movie. At the theater. With all the kids. I think this year I'll just have him pick up some tasty snacks from trader Joe's and we'll open some wine. And maybe watch a movie at home. Malachi decided to give us an early present last night and went to bed at 9:00. And then he decided to take it back and woke up at 10:30, all refreshed from his nap. And then one of the kids needed to sleep on our floor, and since two kids share a room, it was a two-for-one, which further delighted Malachi and made it absolutely impossible for him to go to sleep until 2:00am. Which did enable him to sleep through the night for the FIRST TIME EVER. So low-key, low-energy expenditure is what I am going for this year. My in-laws did gift us a TWO night stay with the kids next month, which will be delightful and hopefully we can get enough rest to get me through the next delivery.

It will be nice to get  a break after we've recovered a little bit from Christmas and late-night liturgy and kids that don't seem to need sleep. And Malachi's plague which has been plaguing him since Thanksgiving and adding to his already established no-sleep habits. We are thinking of actually not even going anywhere. Just staying home and not doing laundry. Or getting up at night or taking a week to watch a movie that came out 10 yrs ago and I've only been able to see it in 5 min increments so forgot how it started or what the plot is.

I did, however, manage to get him a gift. His long lost slippers! He's been wearing a pair, but they're both right feet. Today I found two other slippers. Only one is a left foot, but now he'll have a pair that won't make him turn in circles, and it increases the odds of having another full pair when we find another stray one. I didn't have to shop, spend money, and I know they'll fit. So I'm feeling really good about it. I even wrapped them. In Christmas paper. Because that's how it goes after 16 years.