Monday, June 11, 2007

Kiteboarding- not me personally

So luckily we had lots of people taking pictures on our vacation which means we were able to pool over 1000 pictures amongst all of us. It also meant I could see pictures of Shane since I only went to watch him once, and silly me only got video. So here are a few more from our trip.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Look what we found in our backyard

Some cousins came over yesterday and the boys had great time digging a river in the woods behind our house. When Shane came home he went down to check on their progress and took them hiking down the gulley where they discoverd an incredible playground. We had heard about some some sand dunes somewhere and we have had kids asking to come out through our backyard to the street so it seemed like a local attraction but we never went exploring ourselves. Shane said it feels like some lost world or deserted island. The boys had a great time sliding penguin style down the sand and they found some big rope swings to play Tarzan on. I can't wait to go see it but now the weather is all rainy and the path gets slippery. Our yard has the best access to it as the other areas are too steep. Who would have guessed. It looks like a little boys paradise. Cyril came back with sand up his nose and caked inside his ears. I love it when kids can play so hard and get filthy and then come home and shower and enjoy a good dinner after a hard days work. I am sure it will be a favorite attraction this summer. I am looking forward to having a turn on the rope swing.