Monday, September 28, 2009

Pippin Turns 4- and some catch up photos

Cyprian's birthday is not until tomorrow, but due to schedules, we had the party yesterday at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
Of course we had the usual neighborhood gang pop over to help celebrate, eat cake, and add to the festiveness.

He was so excited to get GG's card. He was very generous and gave everyone a balloon and piece of gum. He spend his dollar on a bottle of juice this morning, and played stickers with Kateri while we waited for the big kids to finish art class.

He enjoyed his new Webkin and garbage truck. And has been playing with the little army men all day. It was great party and we enjoyed the leftover cake this afternoon after lunch. ( I am glad he asked for chocolate.)

This was not part of the birthday party. This was a girl trip my sister, a friend, and I took a couple weeks ago. Tirzah and Anna had found a cute little cooking shop in Cannon Beach which offered classes. So we picked one out, got a room, and headed down for the week end. The girls picked up some yarn at the yarn shop and started making hats. I have not gotten the itch to knit this year, yet. So I brought some books. We drank copius amounts of tea ( Mostly my new favorite Ruby Chai) and stayed up talking until 2am. Then got up for breakfast and coffee, shopping, beach walking, and whatever else tickled our fancy.

The little coffee shop across from our hotel was very cozy and had very tasty scones. I brought one back for Shane. Along with a couple bottles of wine.

The last morning we checked out and then rented bikes for a beach ride. Recumbent bikes are harder than they look. At least on the sand and pedaling up wind. The only thing that kept me moving was knowing it would be really easy on the way back and the fact that it is really hard to start once you stop. I was inspired to be resolute about doing more cardio wokours, But we made it back just as the rain started and had coffee at the Sleepy Monk before heading to do some shopping for the kids and heading home. We felt very re-freshed and ready for the new school year. Which started at 9:00 the next morning.

Cyril is the proud owner of a fancy new pocket knife. At least he was. Until I discovered he tried out the little scissors on his brother's hair. We'll give it back in another week or so. After I get him so balsa wood. So as to distract him from the nice wooden posts on the stair case.

Here is how we spend our Thursday evenings. Luckily it is one door down from the ballet studio
so the kids can take turns dancing and eating.

Pippin's version of a peace sign.

Here is my re-creation of the halibut from the EVOO cooking class. The fish and salsa came out very well but my lentils were not quite as flavorful. I even used the Umbrian lentil we had at the restaurant. Unfortunately, I made a lot of lentils so we had them a few nights running until Shane said , "Enough. No more lentils."

So then we moved on to the summer ratatouille with grilled bread and multi grain pasta. That came out pretty yummy too. I can put the recipes up later, but now my back is tired from my work out this afternoon. And I think I need some tea.

Tirzah just called today and said the hotel is having a fall special. And the cooking school has a new menu. I think bacon wrapped scallops were on it. I think Shane was impressed with the recipes and wine I brought back and would support a second trip. And the kids loved having Papa all to themselves. One aspect I loved about the menu was it was mostly vegetarian- only one beef dish-and very healthy. The kids love fish and some of them liked the ratatouille. Lots of good Lenten meals. Oh. And the wines were good too.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Kateri comes in my room as I am taking the sheets off our bed.

"What are you doing?" she asks.

"I'm taking the sheets off so I wash them" I answer.

"Oh" she says. "Who peed?"

Which is more a testament as to how often that happens, not to why I change my sheets. For the record, no one had.

A couple week ends ago we traveled over the mountains to visit family. The kids were bouncing around the hotel room, happy to be free of the car restraints. And chattering up a storm. I over heard Audrey and Cyril discussing the small refrigerator in the room.

"That's such a small fridge! Why would anyone make such a little one? You can't put hardly anything in it."

"No" said Audrey. "Its not for groceries. Its for keeping your beer cold."

Which I thought was pretty funny given that we have never brought beer to a hotel.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tiri, put the shaker on Tiri, put the shaker on. Tiri, put the shaker on,

We'll all have tea. Seriously. She decided she needed a nice warm cup of Northwest Breakfast. So she warmed the water, got a tea bag, and couldn't find the little cream pitcher she usually uses. ( The handle broke off and it was sharp so I had to get rid of it) So she picked the next obvious receptacle for steeping.

I checked and it really was tea. Although, with her, I wouldn't have been surprised to find a nice muddled mojito.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Ballet, A Pick Axe, and Some Cookies

The girls had good first day of class. I didn't get to sit and watch it all as the boys were a little squirmy. So we went to the Mexican restaurant next door and had tacos. We did get a little peak of the end of Tiri's tap lesson. I think I'll sneak the camera the next time and see if I can get a shot. Its pretty cute watching 12 girls trying to figure out heel taps, not to mention right and left. I loved Kateri's choice of shoes to wear to the studio, tall leather boots. I mean what else can you wear with a leotard and tights?
Kateri's other side loves tools. And apparntly digging ditches. She just went out on her own and started digging a hole. I think just for the purpose of digging.

"Yeah, so what we're going to need here are a few more holes. I think with irregular spacing. You know to make it look more natural. We might even need one in the middle of the yard. And, uh, if you could bring me a beer, that would be great. "

We were given some cookie cutters. "Some" being two tubs of 101 cookie cutters each. With no repeats.

So of course we had to make cookies.
They are also fun for setting up pretend zoos. And who knows what else.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Not Starting School This Week

I had already decided we would not start right away. Partly because the kids' art class doesn't start until the 14th and partly because I am not mentally ready. I fully realize the latter excuse is not really an excuse but I'm going to go with it for now. I have cleaned out and organized the school cupboard and we have everything we need to start. So I have done something.

The girls start ballet tonight, which is educational, and we would be doing swim lessons but they close down for the next week. And its not like we just sit around and play XBox games all day. Ok. I'm letting them right now for an hour. But only because they did their chores and cleaned up their rooms. Any yes, I guess I am feeling slightly guilty for not starting sooner. But it will go away. There. Its gone.

I had my neurologist appointment and, sort of to my disappointment, he said neither the MS nor the medication are causing my hairs to flee like lemmings over a cliff. He suggested seeing a dermatologist, which I am doing tomorrow. I don't mean to harp on the whole thing too much, and Shane keeps telling me to get over it already. But seriously. I have about 1/3 the hair I had last year. And its still coming out. And like I've said before, I wanted to have something that wouldn't fall apart, sag, go numb, or cause major difficulties. Sort of like the fashion tricks of playing up what you do have instead of trying to pretend you have something you don't.
Oh well. I guess I'll have to start figuring out how to make the most of my nose. I think that one is reliable.

Apart from no news on the balding, he said the MRI showed no change since April. And he said I can stay on the lower dose of Ribif for now. And we'll re-assess in 6 mos. Oh, and so far the blood work shows no liver damage. I knew red wine had protective qualities.

In other good news, Pippin is completely toilet trained. He wears pull ups but has not wet them once. He even wakes up dry. I never knew it could be this easy. It really freed me up this week to deal with my broken fridge. Thankfully, I had not done a big Costco shopping. And thankfully we havea freezer in the garage. And ice chests and ice. So the dairy and things are safe for now. Unfortunately Mr Refrigerator Repair Man is busy until next Thursday, so we'll have to manage until then. Thank goodness the really hot weather is gone.