Monday, September 28, 2009

Pippin Turns 4- and some catch up photos

Cyprian's birthday is not until tomorrow, but due to schedules, we had the party yesterday at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
Of course we had the usual neighborhood gang pop over to help celebrate, eat cake, and add to the festiveness.

He was so excited to get GG's card. He was very generous and gave everyone a balloon and piece of gum. He spend his dollar on a bottle of juice this morning, and played stickers with Kateri while we waited for the big kids to finish art class.

He enjoyed his new Webkin and garbage truck. And has been playing with the little army men all day. It was great party and we enjoyed the leftover cake this afternoon after lunch. ( I am glad he asked for chocolate.)

This was not part of the birthday party. This was a girl trip my sister, a friend, and I took a couple weeks ago. Tirzah and Anna had found a cute little cooking shop in Cannon Beach which offered classes. So we picked one out, got a room, and headed down for the week end. The girls picked up some yarn at the yarn shop and started making hats. I have not gotten the itch to knit this year, yet. So I brought some books. We drank copius amounts of tea ( Mostly my new favorite Ruby Chai) and stayed up talking until 2am. Then got up for breakfast and coffee, shopping, beach walking, and whatever else tickled our fancy.

The little coffee shop across from our hotel was very cozy and had very tasty scones. I brought one back for Shane. Along with a couple bottles of wine.

The last morning we checked out and then rented bikes for a beach ride. Recumbent bikes are harder than they look. At least on the sand and pedaling up wind. The only thing that kept me moving was knowing it would be really easy on the way back and the fact that it is really hard to start once you stop. I was inspired to be resolute about doing more cardio wokours, But we made it back just as the rain started and had coffee at the Sleepy Monk before heading to do some shopping for the kids and heading home. We felt very re-freshed and ready for the new school year. Which started at 9:00 the next morning.

Cyril is the proud owner of a fancy new pocket knife. At least he was. Until I discovered he tried out the little scissors on his brother's hair. We'll give it back in another week or so. After I get him so balsa wood. So as to distract him from the nice wooden posts on the stair case.

Here is how we spend our Thursday evenings. Luckily it is one door down from the ballet studio
so the kids can take turns dancing and eating.

Pippin's version of a peace sign.

Here is my re-creation of the halibut from the EVOO cooking class. The fish and salsa came out very well but my lentils were not quite as flavorful. I even used the Umbrian lentil we had at the restaurant. Unfortunately, I made a lot of lentils so we had them a few nights running until Shane said , "Enough. No more lentils."

So then we moved on to the summer ratatouille with grilled bread and multi grain pasta. That came out pretty yummy too. I can put the recipes up later, but now my back is tired from my work out this afternoon. And I think I need some tea.

Tirzah just called today and said the hotel is having a fall special. And the cooking school has a new menu. I think bacon wrapped scallops were on it. I think Shane was impressed with the recipes and wine I brought back and would support a second trip. And the kids loved having Papa all to themselves. One aspect I loved about the menu was it was mostly vegetarian- only one beef dish-and very healthy. The kids love fish and some of them liked the ratatouille. Lots of good Lenten meals. Oh. And the wines were good too.

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