Friday, September 4, 2009

Ballet, A Pick Axe, and Some Cookies

The girls had good first day of class. I didn't get to sit and watch it all as the boys were a little squirmy. So we went to the Mexican restaurant next door and had tacos. We did get a little peak of the end of Tiri's tap lesson. I think I'll sneak the camera the next time and see if I can get a shot. Its pretty cute watching 12 girls trying to figure out heel taps, not to mention right and left. I loved Kateri's choice of shoes to wear to the studio, tall leather boots. I mean what else can you wear with a leotard and tights?
Kateri's other side loves tools. And apparntly digging ditches. She just went out on her own and started digging a hole. I think just for the purpose of digging.

"Yeah, so what we're going to need here are a few more holes. I think with irregular spacing. You know to make it look more natural. We might even need one in the middle of the yard. And, uh, if you could bring me a beer, that would be great. "

We were given some cookie cutters. "Some" being two tubs of 101 cookie cutters each. With no repeats.

So of course we had to make cookies.
They are also fun for setting up pretend zoos. And who knows what else.

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