Saturday, August 21, 2010

Care Package

Shane showed up from work yesterday, generally he calls first to let me know he's on his way. But he just showed up so it seemed like a really good surprise. And then he further surprised me with this care package.

He definitely knows the way to my heart.

They were still beautiful and fresh looking this morning. Probably because they stayed nice and cool. The weather is feeling very fallish and I think soup weather is not far off. Which is ridiculous.

After teh big kids cleaned the kitchen last night, I found someone had set up and was planning to make hashbrowns for breakfast.

Complete with a set table for the four kids. Note the stack of books by Audrey's plate.That would probably be enough to get her through breakfast.

When I went to say good night to the kids and praise them for their good work on the kitchen, it was really sparkling, I asked who had done the breakfast prep, thinking it was Cyril as he loves hashbrowns. Turns out they didn't know about it. It was Kateri. Who also had her  morning outfit picked out and folded next to her bed. I could really learn a lot from this girl. I hear her shredding the potatoes right now. I'm thinking I'll just hand over the management of the house to her this year.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Last HairBender

Shane took us to dinner and a movie last week. The movie was The Last Air Bender, which, for not being all that great, had me captivated for a good spell. Actually, it was Kateri that was captivating. I noticed her moving around a lot, and when I turned to see what she was doing, found she was moving her arms in graceful arcs and spirals, like she was giving some sort of  benediction to the empty seat in front of us- I guess the other viewers read the reviews first. Which was unfortunate, because Kateri was quite the show.

She sat, eyes intent on the screen, watching every move the 'benders' were making to contort the water to their wills. She mimiced every sweep and wave, and then some, adding a flourish here and there. Personally, I thought hers was better. I motioned to Shane and we both sat, mesmerized  by her actions. Suddenly, it was the best movie ever.

I was thrilled when we went to the beach later, and she tried her bending skills on the Puget Sound. It doesn't show in the picture, but she was able to conjure up a bowling ball sized orb. She had her back to me, so I couldn't really see it either, but she was happy and excited to find out that she was a water bender.

She has decided to take a year off from her dancing career. A move I whole heartedly endorsed. I was not at all pleased with some of the 'older girls' numbers at the last recital. But I am seriously considering putting her in a tai chi class. It might slow down her realization that she is a 'will bender' as well. A power I think she is not at all ready to take on. And I would love to watch the practices.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Home Again, Home Again

This past week was very busy with just little amounts of time un pack, pack, and leavea again. Right now I am  attacking the mountain of dirty laundry that has piled up, but don't think I'll get to the summit today as I'm running out of detergent and its way too hot to drag the kids to the store.

Speaking of hot, Shane and I got to take a vacation to Portland this week end, where it was in the 90s. And we were at an outdoor concert. But it was so worth it and luckily there was a breeze most of the time. And when there wasn't, I used my paper plate for a fan.
And because it is hot here too, I'm going to have to tell most of our week end in pictures.
Xavier Rudd was first. It was fun to see him again, though he only got to play 5 or so songs, and not any of my favorites from his latest album. But it was still neat.

Rodrigo and Gabriela were amazing. And afterwards we got to shake hands with both of them. I felt the front row ticke price was totally worth it. They were really fun and incredible musicians. I felt really inspired and have since learned how to play a C major  chord on a ukelele.

Before the concert we wandered around the grounds.

Sat in the cool tasting room,

and tried to stay in the shade when possible.

After the concert we were on a high. Not that kind, but form the smell of the air I think others were. So we stopped in at one of the bars,

For mojitos,

and broiled figs with cheese and balsamic.

When traffic cleared, we headed back to the hotel. And still not being tired, we sat in the bar and had a drink and several tasty appetizers. Then finally feeling satisfied, we braved the "Elevator of Death" to get to our room.

The elevator had this super annoying and surprising habit of shutting  two seconds after it had opened. Shane had a close call but after that we were always careful evaccuate as quickly as possible and there was no further injury.

 And here is the watermelon and feta salad which I'd been dreaming about since our last stay at the Governor a year ago. I think they changed the dressing on the frisee, but it was still amazing and we got to have it twice.

But before all this went down, the whole family went to Lake Wenatchee for a reunion and memorial and getting to know cousins. But, since it is so warm, I'll have to save that one for tomorrow. And I think the dryer is about done.