Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Last HairBender

Shane took us to dinner and a movie last week. The movie was The Last Air Bender, which, for not being all that great, had me captivated for a good spell. Actually, it was Kateri that was captivating. I noticed her moving around a lot, and when I turned to see what she was doing, found she was moving her arms in graceful arcs and spirals, like she was giving some sort of  benediction to the empty seat in front of us- I guess the other viewers read the reviews first. Which was unfortunate, because Kateri was quite the show.

She sat, eyes intent on the screen, watching every move the 'benders' were making to contort the water to their wills. She mimiced every sweep and wave, and then some, adding a flourish here and there. Personally, I thought hers was better. I motioned to Shane and we both sat, mesmerized  by her actions. Suddenly, it was the best movie ever.

I was thrilled when we went to the beach later, and she tried her bending skills on the Puget Sound. It doesn't show in the picture, but she was able to conjure up a bowling ball sized orb. She had her back to me, so I couldn't really see it either, but she was happy and excited to find out that she was a water bender.

She has decided to take a year off from her dancing career. A move I whole heartedly endorsed. I was not at all pleased with some of the 'older girls' numbers at the last recital. But I am seriously considering putting her in a tai chi class. It might slow down her realization that she is a 'will bender' as well. A power I think she is not at all ready to take on. And I would love to watch the practices.

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Phantom Stallion said...

Hee hee hee! Kateri`s not a water, air, earth, or fire bender. Nope. Not even close. She is, in fact, the most poofy headed, hair brained, hair bender.