Saturday, August 21, 2010

Care Package

Shane showed up from work yesterday, generally he calls first to let me know he's on his way. But he just showed up so it seemed like a really good surprise. And then he further surprised me with this care package.

He definitely knows the way to my heart.

They were still beautiful and fresh looking this morning. Probably because they stayed nice and cool. The weather is feeling very fallish and I think soup weather is not far off. Which is ridiculous.

After teh big kids cleaned the kitchen last night, I found someone had set up and was planning to make hashbrowns for breakfast.

Complete with a set table for the four kids. Note the stack of books by Audrey's plate.That would probably be enough to get her through breakfast.

When I went to say good night to the kids and praise them for their good work on the kitchen, it was really sparkling, I asked who had done the breakfast prep, thinking it was Cyril as he loves hashbrowns. Turns out they didn't know about it. It was Kateri. Who also had her  morning outfit picked out and folded next to her bed. I could really learn a lot from this girl. I hear her shredding the potatoes right now. I'm thinking I'll just hand over the management of the house to her this year.

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Kelly said...

What a lovely husband you have! And today I saw several yards full of leaves. The trees are already starting to change color. Fall is here already.
I am totally blown away by your kids! How great to get everything ready the night before. You have them trained so well!