Thursday, October 30, 2008

Craft Day

We worked- We played-

Pippin is a "bun-rabbit".

And we made yummy muffins with the extra pimpkin-pecan waffle mis from William-Sonoma. I made some cream cheese maple frosting and we had them for a tea party with Tirzah and the kids.

We had a very crafty day yesterday. We've been better at getting our work done early- the other day we had finished math and reading by 9:15am-so we have had lots more time to play. Cyprian started it by asking to paint and he inspired all the kids to follow suit. Then when we finished that the kids went out to gather leaves and we did leaf rubbings. This one of Audrey's was my favorite.

I'm not sure where he got the idea but Cyril decided to to tornadoes. He offered to send it to work with Shane, after he adds a few more.

Cyprian and Kateri let off some extra energy with a friendly broom fight. Which I ended before there were any casualties.

And Cyril and Pippin had fun playing soldier with a toy drill and a bicycle pump for weapons. Very creative.

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