Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Death and Taxes

Below is a chart published in the Wall Street Journal. I thought it might be good for people to prepare from what's to come if Obama should win the election. Not that its all about money. In Washington State we are voting on I-1000, an assisted suicide law. Which, if passed, will be a foot in the door for the culture of death. How soon will it be until it is noble and patriotic to choose death, thus saving taxpayers money and your family stress. Another disturbing news bit I came across in the Journal was that if you opt out of Medicare in favor of your own private health insurance, you are not elegible for Social Security benefits. Sounds like freedom of choice to me. And if you are in the system, who will have a more vested intrest in your early demise? I guess it does all come down to money.

Another thing I can't stand are the ads. A woman bemoans the fact her husband had a stroke-or whatever- and suffered a loss of dignity, which he would have to endure if he did not have the option of killing himself. A" loss of dignity" in whose eyes? What a narrow definition of life. Does "in sickness and in health" mean anything?

I'm sad I will not be joining the millions of people going to the polls today. Our county is all mail-in ballots now. Which I feel is very un-patriotic. They don't even send you an "I voted" sticker to wear on election day. How can I prove to Starbuck's I voted and get my free cup of coffee? Which, by the way, I thought was a brilliant idea. Starbucks supports America! and would you be wanting a treat to go with that free cup of coffee?

Well I guess I won't have to prove I voted to get that coffee. Thanks to the election officials we are saved from Starbuck's illegal action of rewarding people for voting. Starbucks came back with a great answer: they will give a free cup of coffee to anyone who asks for one. I don't much care for their coffe- I prefer Cafe D'Arte myself-but horray for Starbucks!

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