Friday, November 21, 2008

Projects and Play

It has been pretty cold the past few days. And some of us have real colds, so we are trying to do cozy, heart-warming, in-door project.

This first one was mine. Kateri needed a new plank for her bookcase. Shane bought one but it needed to be trimmed. I kept forgetting to remind him when he was home and only remembered when I would help Kateri cleanher room. So finally one day I got tired of forgetting and got our Shane's jig saw and did it myself. I wisely cut it too large the first time and brought it down for another little shave, which turned out to more than "just a little off the top". But the supports sill held it and I was pleased with how it looked with her new white baskets. The kids are studying flags of the world. We get out the big world map and make a geography lesson out of each flag, then we read about hte country and color the flag. It was a pretty good time, until hte pencil sharpener broke.

I decided to teach Audrey how to knit. I haven't kint myself in a long time. but before that I made my fair share of bathroom rugs- aka sweaters-hats, and scarves. I convinced Shane to throw away the vest I knit him. He was sweet to wear it. But fortunately it didn't fit anymore- and I was glad to see it go. He does, however, still have the scarf I made for him 8 years ago. I decided I needed a project while he was in Ireland, so I seed stitched a pretty slate blue scarf, while wathcing Pride and Prejudice. I didn't finish in the week he was gone but it made a good very late birthday present.

So this morning I got out some yarn and needles and showed Audrey how to knit. She caught on quickly and is embarking on her own project now.

Shane likes long scarves, not quite Dr. Who length, but long enough to take a month with size 6 needles.

For indoor fun the kids decided to go sledding on cardboard boxes down stair case. They had a great time, no one got hurt, and we didn't even need snow. It was a much safer slide than we had as kids, 13 wooden stairs all splintered and waiting to stab you as you skimmed your way down. That was why we used pillow cases. With apillow in them. It was always a good idea to check for large slivers before you lay down at night. I don't think my mom appreciated it, but we had a great time.

I made swords for the boys, and Kateri too. And then eye-patches so they could play pirate. Cyprians was a little long. But he was happy.

We are going through a cold, not too terrible, but I'd rather be drinking tea and cozying in bed than what I'm going to do today. Shane has escaped it so far but he did get some surgery on his "alien thumb" today so we can all do some recovery together. It was some sort of lump that had been bugging him for years. We called it his alien thumb. I wanted to give it a name, but Shane thought that was too much. He partially dug it out himself several times, but it would always come back. So today they numbed it up, scooped it out, stitched it up, and in a couple weeks it will be all normal. I am so glad it is the week-end.

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