Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Where's My Chicken Bone?

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with cousins, food, forts, and fun. We played a rollicking game of Balderdash and mixed in some Wise and Otherwise. Trudy took 1st prize in making up beleivable definitions. Audrey was 4th- she beat Grandpa. We all laughed until we cried, several times.
Grandpa arming the kids. The Grandparents brought guns and ammo for the boys, and flashlights for everyone.

"I'm Superman"

"No, I'm Superman"

Luckily, they all cooperated in beating up Grandpa so there was no "Superman Showdown".

After looking at his plate, Cyprian asked "Where's my chickie bone?" He likes legs- which he calls bones.

Pippin's legs disappearing around a cardboard tunnel.

I got the pictures out of order so it looks in reverse.

Cyril offered to go through the tunnels and get pictures. Lots of pictures.

Here is the fort Grandpa built for the kids. Grandpa collects boxes and generously pulls them out at festive times to entertain the kids by building bunkers for them. It was pretty impressive. This year he added a second story to one section. I'm hoping next year he throws in a hot tub.

Last year the kids were all busy playing and dinner was ready so we opted to sit down and eat and call the kids for the second shift- as we couldn't all sit at one table anyway. Later that evening, Cyril asked when Thanksgiving was. I told him it had been today. He looked puzzled and said,
"But we didn't all sit down and eat together"
I felt pretty badly. So this year we set up the kids table in the family rooom and we all sat down together. Then we all played games and the younger kids ran around looking for Charlie in tunnels. Cyril never asked if it was Thanksgiving, so I'm calling it a success.

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