Monday, December 29, 2008

Hurrah for the Conquistadors! and no more snow

Some more christmas pictures... The very magical drive to Grandma's House Christmas morning. It was even snowing when we woke up.
Cyprian was a little worn out from the festivities and the couches being mostly occupied, found himself a a cozy, quiet spot on the stairs. And went to sleep.

The fabulous famous Trudy Christmas Morning Feast.

Sierra brought over her trunk of beautiful princess dresses, and Pippin decided to join in.
Shane convinced me to watch Apocolypto last night- not necessarily a heartwarming Christmas story, but good nonetheless. I was a little hesitant because I can't stand kids suffering, being abandoned, separated from their parents, and of course everything else that goes along the raping, pillaging, barbaric sort of life depicted in the movie. I admit I watched a fair bit of it through my fingers and often not at all. You wonder how an entire civilization could be so warped as to allow and promote so much evil. And then I thought. Which is very good for my age. The whole thinking bit.
But really, we design "temples" with clean, well appointed rooms and nice pictures. And call it a clinic. We pay the "priest" to perform barbaric acts. We make it a profession and call him a doctor. The altars have become hopital beds. The "ritual" a "right". And because its not performed publicly and shown to be the violent act it is, we are somehow different and more enlightened than they. Although, in a way we are worse. Theirs was done to appease a god: ours to please ourselves.
But on a less bloody note, the snow is melting. They finally cleared our cuo-de-sac yesterday. And just maybe the UPS man can deliver all the Christmas packages we couldn't get before. I am excited to have the garbage picked up.

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