Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Eve

We had fun, relaxed end of the year. Tirzah and Aaron with kids came for lots of treats and dinner. The kids- all six of them- got along very well. The boys had roman candle fights and then we all did sparklers in the back yard. WE turned it into a sleep-over after "Run Fat Boy' ended at 2:30am and so got to have breakfast too. Shane made delicious potato pancakes. With apple sauce and sourcream. He's been perfecting and changing the recipe each time. I think he finally nailed it this last time.

We had a few "pre-toast" toasts, while waiting for midnight.

Shane was brilliant and bought all the kids big bouncy balloons. It was great and kept them very entertained for hours.

The Guys- or Boys.

Somehow, we all were wearing black shirts, not planned and not a reflection on the passing year or coming one. Its just a good color.

For dinner Tirzah and I made: Homemade french bread,

Sauteed fresh greenbeans with a soy-sesame glaze,

Baked chicken with apricot-ginger sause

Lots of tasty snacks, some made, some not. Shane made a fabulousdungeness crab-cream cheese dip.

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