Monday, January 5, 2009

Sun Peaks Vacation

We rented a house in Sun Peaks for 5 days of freezing and snow playing. We all had a really good time and would definitely do it again. Luckily the house was built on a slope and we could just sled down the side of it. And we were on an actual slope- lucky for me a gentle one- and could ski-snow board right out. The kids stayed out for longer than I could stand.

I guess Pippin was a little cold. It was so cold it took your breath away, as in it hurt too much to breathe. It was super dry and the kids would come in with bloody noses and frozen toes to warm by the fire. The first day it got down to -7 F. From there it warmed up to the single digit positives, which amazingly enough felt warm.

The house was amazing. I loved the timber frame construction and think I 'd like a house that style someday. Someday. The balcony behind the pillar was where our bedroom was located off.

This picture shows how tall the ceilings were. It was really too incredible and much prettier than the picures we had seen. The big hearth was perfect for sitting on and thawing after playing in the snow. The whole house was so cozy. The kitchen was great too and we make lots of toasty winter meals: champagne chicken, lasagna, corn fiest soup. pork roast with apples, french bread, cinnamon rolls, taco soup, and even the breakfast dish- which was not as tasty because the only sausage we could find were more like vienna sausages so the next mornign I picked them out and put bacon in instead.

The village at night. WE took turns with Tirzah and Aaron hitting the slopes. I tried snowboarding for the first time and had a couple successful bits. And some not so successful bits. My biggest bruise was, unfortunatley, trying to go up the little platter lift. I couldn't steer and ended up bailing on my bum, which really hurt. But I kept at it- snow boarding, not the platter-and was finally feeling like I could control the board, when of course I turned it and started going down heel side, which of course caused me to panic and catch the edge, and I landed flat on my back with a nice whack to the head. I was completely dis-enchanted so Shane took me our for some hot fries and a drink. I thihk I'll wear a helmet next time. But I was very pleased I finally go to use the snow gear Shane bought for me last year.
We had a hot tub but as it was outdoors it didnt' get much use. Cameron tried it and said his hair froze while he soaked in it.

The kids have been doing home ec lately. Cyril can make his own hashbrown. And i was not too surprised when Kateri came to me and asked for help- I am so glad she did- turning on the stove so she could cook her hashbrowns. She had already peeled and grated the potatoes by herself. So I turned it on and she cooked them perfectly.

I got an ebelskiver(?) pan for Christmas. Grandma makes them for the kids when they stay the night and they have have been begging me to get one. I hadn't. But trudy got me one so the next day while were all snowed in, we made some for breakfast. She also gave me her recipe- which is the best one- buttermilk is the trick. I tried some William Sonoma mix but they came out dry and muffiny. But I suppose if you used buttermilk they would be good. I actually didn't have buttermilk but it was too snowy to go out. Luckily, i had milk and lemons so we make our own and they turned out delicious.

Shane sledded a wee bit too far, shot over the cliff and landed in big snow filled ditch. I was inside staying warm, but Tirzah captured the moment. Once she stopped laughing.

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