Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Birthday, a Ballet,and The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Cyril turned 8 on Jan 6th. More amazing than the fact he is eight, was his declaration of wanting to do his writing. I think it really helps seeing Audrey and all she can do. and even though we have been working little bit by little bit, we have been making huge progress since we started up after Christmas break. I have been daily amazed at how well and cheerfully he has been co-operating. We can see the same progress in 30 min as we used to see in 2 hrs.
He does still question why there needs to be 5 different ways to say "er" and how much easier it would be if there was only one. And why does "ch" have to also say "sh" when you can just use "sh". But even not seeing any logic in it, he still does it and making wonderful strides. (Finally) So, after 3 years, I very am happy to see the light. And so is Cyril.
We played some games so the kids could win prizes and I could give them their Christmas presents that were finally delivered.

I'm not sure who is blowing up who in this picture.

Cyril requested an oreo ice cream cake. And then cookie dough ice cream on the side.

Audrey had her Nutracker performance. She was a tin soldier. She did well and danced her hear out, as forgot to follow the other soldiers who were exiting stage left. She was also tired as they had two performances in one day. But it gave the opportunity for everyone to get to see it, including her friend Anna. Kateri was a little bored since the first half of the concert was made up of the other classes in the school. Everytime the little girls in their sparkly jazz outfits with sneakers left the stage she would ask "Is Audrey coming now?" I was a little tired of waiting too. And I was fully expecting a mini-stonhenge to descend any second. Actually, that would have been far more entertaining.
But the Nutcracker was sweet. Shane did get a video of her dance so maybe I'll post it later. `

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