Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

But first I want to ask you and anyone and everyone you know to pray for a little baby named Jack and his family and doctors. If you were on the email list keep praying. He/they all really need it. If you have a prayer chain please add them to it.

I actually did make a few resolutions. Only a few. Hoping if I narrowed the targets down I would have a better chance of getting a 50% rate of success. One was to get up early, get the kids up early, and everyone get to bed....early. Shane instigated that one as he usually gets up much earlier and it would be nice if we were all on a similar schedule. So far it has been going well. I get the kids up by 7:30 and they go to bed around 8:00.

Another resolution was to move Pippin into Audrey's bed. Which was encouraged by a trip to Palau later this year. Alone with Shane. Pippin still slept in our bed and I was worried how he would do at night and figured if he was used to sleeping with Audrey, it would help a lot. He is kind of a funny sleeper and really likes to feel skin. During the night he would grab my face, my nose, my ear, preferably my arm, and then be able to go back to sleep. But the move has been pretty successful so far. Several nights he has gotten in bed with her, she reads a few stories to him, and he goes to sleep. It is hard to get to bed early myself when the evenings are so peaceful. But most nights we have and the new routine is great.

My third resolution was to exercise at least three times a week. The first two weeks I scored a big fat "0". But then on Saturday I worked out with Shane and again last night so this week is looking much better. This was also spurred on by the Palau trip. And feeling that 10 years from now, I will be glad i started when I did.

Last night's work out was a little distracted. I actually have some 10 min workouts that are great for anytime in a day I can fit one in. So, the kids were busy with some projects so I hunted down my weights and bands and went for it.

As I'm doing push ups I notice a big pink streak on the carpet.

"Oh great. I wonder how fresh that is. Maybe I should stop and clean it up. I hate markers. I hope its one of the washable kind. "

I decide not to clean it just yet. I move on to arm curls. Cyril comes in , sits down and starts asking questions. Like:

"Do you know how we could put the motor from the broken helicopter in the motor boat? I mean you could just tape it but that wouldn't work very well would it? Can you think of a better way"

My arms are getting sore. "Can we talk about this later?"

"OK." he says and goes back to the kitchen.

Ah. Sit ups. my favorite. My obliques are still sore from Saturday, which is good. As I'm lying on my back, I look up and see some dark blue smudges on the white trim. Higher than my head. I can't imagine how they could have gotten there. And not sure Id want to know. Or what what they are. It looks like ink. I hope its washable.

I finish. It takes longer than 10 min, but that's ok. I need it. As I'm spraying the rug, with Pippin hanging on my neck, I remember a similar colored mark on the couch. It did seem to be somewhat washable. As was the dark stuff on the trim. unfortunately the little yellow spot I discovered next to the pink one on the couch seems to have more staying power. Maybe it was older. I was glad I decided to work out so I could take care of the other spots before they set in for good. And if I consider the week to cover 7 days, I only have one more work out before Saturday.

My final resolution was to get Cyril through a good portion and the Sound Beginnings program. He is working through it fairly nicely and I am encouraged by his progress so far.

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