Thursday, November 13, 2008

No Pictures Today

For whatever reason, my computer does not want to recognize that I just inserted a memory card. So, although I did have some pictures they will have to wait until my tech support gets home from work.

We've been having a cozy fall and getting lots of indoor things done. Like laundry, and dishes, and all that fun stuff. And some school work here and there. I finally knuckled down and decided to have Cyril do more writing. He really didn't like it in the beginning and couldn't, for the life of him, see why it made any difference if he started an "O" at two o'clock or five o'clock. The list went on and coupled with his attention span of a squirrel, we decided to just focus on reading and mental math.

But after finishing the second set of Mac and Tab books, I decided we would give it another go. I had saved several of Audrey's previous math worksheets and started him on some of those. I have to read the directions and story problems to him, but other than that he can do all the work- and is cheerful about it too. He even brought me his papers today and ripped out some extra to take to Grandma's tomorrow. He often times corrects himself if he starts a number in the wrong spot and doesn't get offended if I gently correct him.

I think this was definitely the right time to start working with him and wonder if its a complete waste to try to do anything before they are ready. Here he is almost 8. Audrey could read when she was 4. But she seemed ready at the time and it was not the teeth pulling experience I had when I tried to sit Cyril down and make a row of nicely shaped ds- or any other letter. Hopefully, some of that was useful but I think in the future I will be more relaxed and less worried if they are not reading 'War and Peace' when they are 6. It is so nice to be in a place where I can see we are making progress and not just spinning our wheels and pencils. Maybe its like potty-training. When they are ready, they get it. When they are not and you try to force it , you have a lot of messes to clean up. I decided it wasn't worth it and Cyril wasn't fully potty trained until he was 4 1/2. Which, knowing the alternative, I was fine with. I always knew some day they not be nursing, illiterate, and sleeping in my bed, so I was ok taking thing a lot more slowly than the Ezzo time line. - Which I think is terrible anyway.

Speaking of bed, I've been working on getting Pippin to sleep with Audrey the past week. He usually wakes up and comes into our bed around 1:30. After 5 days I was debating giving it up and letting everyone get more sleep all around. But then thought, even though he didn't stay all night, it might be good to at least keep up the routine. Then this morning I woke up and he was not there. Of course I immediately thought maybe he had fallen off the bed and gotten trapped in her room or some other bad thing. But then I heard his voice in the hall as he opened our door, climbed up on the bed, and started tackling Papa, while gritting his teeth and growling. It was fun to have a morning cuddle and then we headed down to make breakfast. So I will be continuing the sleeping routine. Just goes to show, even as the parent, you never know when.

We have been doing some crafty, piratey, things as well. But its better with pictures, so I'll save those for later. I love Shane's three-day week-ends. Now Thursdays are so much more fun.

oh, and since there are not pictures and it would not be appropriate if there were, here is another story. Last night was the vigil for the feast of St John Chrysostom so we packed up the kids and headed out to evening Liturgy. I was feeling a little tired and silly and the kids decided to be especially entertaining. Cyril and Audrey were given permission to sit up front. It was not very crowded and I- and everyone in the congregation- could keep an eye on them. Cyril thought we might get worried so he kept us up-dated throughout the Liturgy by turning and giving us a knowing look and a thumbs up every so often. In his new camoflauge, fleece gloves. And if things were going really well, he stick both hands behind his head and give two thumbs up. I was just happy he was quiet. I thought things were going well. Until my sister, who was sitting back a few rows, came up and whispered to me that she could see Kateri's bum. I looked over and there was Kateri, standing on the kneeler with her hands in the back of her stretchy pants and princess panties waistband, which she was twisting and turning and stretching so as to inadvertantly expose half her backside to half the congregants. I got her covered and had to explain to Shane later why I was laughing in church.

Oh well, I suppose some day they won't be doing that either. Somedays, some day seems mythical.

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