Sunday, November 16, 2008

Kateri Patton 2032

Kateri is already starting her campaign for president. She tells anyone who will listen about her plans for her presidency, which so far consists of living in the White House and "telling the armies what to do". Audrey siad she wanted to be president too and she should go first because she is older. So maybe Kateri could be VP first. Shane recommended Audrey get a food tester if they went that route and it might be better-and safer-to let Kateri go first. I think Audrey just wants to ride horses on the White House lawn. That was the first thing she said as we peered through the iron gate. If its clean, she wants to use Shane's White House mug for her milk. As she drinks she talks about how it is going to be her house.

I think Kateri would be a very strong president. She's fearless when it comes to defending her own, relentless once she starts a course of action. She never gives up, or in. She easily gets others to see the logic of her "suggestions", sometimes without them even being aware of it. When visiting foreign heads of state, she would always return with her objective accomplished, and probably a couple new dresses too. With a name like Patton and eyes like Kateri, who could resist. She is pretty seasoned when it comes to torture, taking it and delivering it. She has broad international tastes, when it come to fashion and wine. She thought Palin was on the right track as far as that went. Best of all she has a very catchy slogan which she is practicing all day long: "YES, YOU WILL."

So, if we ever find a podium small enough for her, watch for her in the coming elections.

Vote to make America respected and feared.

Vote to make our leaders more interntional(ly) dressed.

Vote Kateri.

I'm Kateri Patton and I approve this message.

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