Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Day After Yesterday

I would like to second the sentiments in John McCain's consession speech. I thought it was very moving and honest and he is an admirable man for having said it. But I am bummed about not seeing more of Palin's new duds. Oh well, You win some you lose some. Here in Washington we pretty much lost everything that mattered. But you move on. Gregiore can't live forever and thankfully, neither will any of us.

To get back to normal life, I decided to make curtains for Audrey's room. She has some drapes outside her big window, but it has a window seat and I think not having the curtains closer to the glass is keeping her room chilly. It it always cold in there and with the cold weather I thought it would be good to add another layer up close.

In these uncertain economic times and the more uncertain future, I decided to work with what I had- a trip to the store did not sound exciting either-and used an old queen sheet we had bought for the airmattress which was obviously not tested against 3yr olds. But I put the top sheet to good use and it being the right width already, all I had to do was make the pocket for the rod.

The kids were out playing on the swing set and I was upstairs ironing and pinning. And of course the typical arguing broke out so I had to sit Cyril at the top of the stairs where I could see him. He plopped himself down and proceeded to hum "Eye of The Tiger". Or at least the refrain plus another 10 notes. I was hot from ironing and tired from stabbing myself with pins and the singing was not relaxing. He has a fine voice and he can carry a tune well, its just not my preference for sewing music. And he was not trying to irritate. He just likes to sing. So I let him.

After getting through about 3 rounds of the song he asked,

"Can I get up now?"

"No, not yet."

"But I've been singing, for like 10 minutes", he begged me.

"Yes. I know"

After a few minutes I let him go and finished sewing the curtain pocket. Despite the bobbin thread breaking twice and stabbing myself, again. And I got it set up and hopefully her room will stay a little cozier. It is a thick sheet, but I think Imight have some wool in my sewing drawer if I need something warmer. But not today. Or tomorrow.

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