Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Guess Who Likes Photography?

Yes, Kateri does. I was downloading pictures and it said I had 52 of them. I was surprised until I started looking at them. I thought the pink dress gave it away and she readily admitted to climbing on the cupboard to get the camera. I guess I'll have to hide it in a new spot. Apparently Pippin was not shy about being her model. She did take some fun ones and then some of the wall. the clock. a bucket. Even her nose. the first three are compliments of Kateri.

I took this one. Last week we had some sun and Tirzah and the boys came over. Everyone played well and a lot and Pippin started to fall asleep at the table so I quickly ran him a bath in the kitchen sink. He ate an entire plate of noodles and a chicken leg while he bathed. Then wehn I took him out he spied Kateri's abandoned dinner and nabbed her chicken too. I asked if he was done and he screamed , "Noooooo". He finished it. And later he went to bed in bed and slept well.

Cyril found the earphones to the ipod and Audrey figured out a way to share it. Each of the boys took an earphone and listened to "Frog and Toad" stories while she played game. I was impressed and it worked well until Pippin pulled on his and ripped the wire. I knew it was too good to last.
Yesterday they were much more themselves and fought over who ws going to pull which weed. The weather was not great but I really wanted to start working on the yard. I got them each a little plastic claw to help and of course two of them were already lost so we got to argue about those too. Finally the weeding was so no fun or productive I made them all go up to watch Scooby Doo while I worked out. Which was a first. Usually Shane is prodding me to exercise but I did not know what else to do with my grumpy self. It worked for as long as the show lasted but I'm not sure I wanted to do more anyway. Have you tried prison push-ups? But it helped and got some endorphins going and the only mis-hap after that was when I took the flashlight from Cyril- who was sleeping on the floor next to our bed -while I was trying to get Pippin to hold still and listen to my rendetion of The Three Pigs. I had no place to put it so I dropped it off the side of the bed and it came apart. OK I dropped it sort of forcefully- as they had been chattering and poking eachother for the las 20 min and it was disturbing Pippin who really was tired and just needed to hold still and not be distracted for 3 min and I was a little frustrated. I guess the work out wasn't long enough. It wasn't broken but the kids were shocked nonetheless.
This morning I heard Pippin sobbing upstairs. I ran to see what happened and he cried "Tiri won't let me have the dress"
apparently they were going to play dress up and he wanted the dress she was going to wear. It has a white skirt and a fushia bow and I could see why he wanted it. I finally convinced him to try the lion costume and he was placated until they decided to draw pictures instead.

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