Wednesday, May 28, 2008

How to Trap an Uncle......

First, you stuff his pillow with plastic dinosaur bones, shark teeth, and rocks. Then you mix tooth paste and water and sprinkle liberally over the entire bed and pillow. Place the largest plastic toys you can find under the mattress for good lumbar support or to cause excessive discomfort.
For a good night's rest offer a night cap made of freshly squeezed moldy oranges, hand crushed coffee beans, a pinch of salt and I don't even know what else. To make sure he suspects nothing, leave a note from his sister- using your best handwriting- saying its a gift. And call it an orange latte with peppe chocolate.


Actually, the kids were very disappointed this morning when they learned Cameron did not come last night. I consoled them with the thougth that maybe he had come but we were all sleeping and had locked the door so he couldn't get in. They thought that was ok.

Also, I was not aware and did not approve of the mattress trap in any way. Its amazing what they can do in the time it takes me to load the dishwasher. I do appreciate their creativity and collaboration. Now I'll just need to get them to do the same when it comes to cleaning. Which they now have a lot of.

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