Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bones, Bones, We Dig For Bones.......

Cyril has decided he wants to turn his room into a museum. This was after he bought a t-rex skeleton. He currently has that, lots of shark teeth, some rocks, and some little fossils in his collection. He and Audrey are sure there are dinosaur bones in the woods and convinced Shane to take them on an expedtition to search for them. Unfortunately, it was a rainy day, but scientists have to get dirty and Cyril pakced some crackers in his back pack and off they went. It was ver brave of Shane to take them all, especially since he knew it would be muddy and slippery and he would end up carrying at least two of them. Which he did. Cyril was very well preapared and when they came to a steep part had a rope in his pack to tie to a tree so one by one Shane could take them down.
They all came back soaking we but had had a really good time.
Cyril was especially thrilled with the trek. He was soaking from head to foot and smeared with mud and even though they did not find any raptor claws this time, he was sure they were getting closer. He asked if I could call some palentologists to come and help them dig. I said if they found one we could call a museum and see what they would suggest. He was pretty excited about that prospect.
On a much sunnier day, Kateri and Pippin, had their own dig under a fallen tree. I gave them little brushes to sweep the dirt with so as to not damage the bones. Kateri is showing her "dinosaur bone" to Pippin. I should also mention this is the outifit she picked for Liturgy that morning. She likes the sound of the white shoes when she walks but could only find one. And it was too cold to wear just a dress so she Layered it with pants that are too short and a shirt. She got lots of smiles as she walked in. I'm ok wiht letting my kids express themsleves with their clothing. And besides it saves me time.
Audrey explains it was just a peice of rotten wood and Kateri insists its a bone. We'll not be adding it to the "Museum of Natural History" as Cyril had me label his room.

Its been a great outdoor activity for all the kids and I enjoy all their "findings" and they pour over Cyril's dinosaur books so as to be able to recognize the things they find.

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