Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our Overnight Guest/Victim

Shane's brother is in town for a few days and decided to crash at our house last night, which thrilled the kids. I am not sure what about him inspires them to such evil thoughts, but they are always plotting different ways to "get" Uncle Cameron. I have video of Audrey and Cyril when they were 4 and two having a tea party at a little table with cake and flowered dishes. All of a sudden Audrey busts out with,

"So, how do you think we should kill Cameron?"

Cyril thought up tying him to a tree and lettin a bear eat him, or something like that and Audrey thought they could drop a big rock on him. They had some other gruesome ideas I can't remember but were much too advanced for their ages.

Well, things have not changed over the years. They knew he would be coming after they were in bed and had planned some "surprises" for him. I went in to get Cyril's bed ready and found the pillow to be very lumpy. I looked inside to find it stuffed with towels from after the kids' bath. I chaned it for a regular one and put some blankets on the bed thinking Cameron would now get a good nights sleep.

This morning around 6:45 , very early for my kids, I hear running and rustling out in the hall. Then I heard a scared and high pitched scream. I jumped up and went running to the kids room where Audrey and Cyril were huddled under the covers giggling.

"What's all this noise?" I asked, " And who screamed?"

"Cameron did" Cyril laughed.

"You guys, Cameron is trying to sleep. What did you do to him?"

"Not much" Cyril answered," We just dropped a pen on his neck and he went like this" he sat up quickly with a startled look and screamed.

"You should have seen his face, mom. It was so funny."

"Yeah, " Audrey concurred laughing hysterically.

"And then I hit him on the back with a spoon and poured water on him" Cyril confessed.

I had a hard time not laughing. More so when I told the story to Shane.

I asked Cameron later why he had not thought to lock his bedroom door. He said he hadn't though they would ambush him so early in the morning. (He's been in college for what?) Not to mention it was one of our kids who threw a metal airplane and broke on of Cameron's teeth. ( She was only 2 at the time) He said after the initial attack he did but Cyril popped the lock easily.

I was just glad the kids were up early, in good moods, and cooperating. I woke up Kateri, who had slept through it all in our room, and told her Uncle Cameron was here and to go get him.
She rolled over and smiled and basically communicated, "Yes, my first victim. Today is going to be good."

It was so nice to have something to get them all up and going- they are usually very sluggish in the mornings- and hopefully it will work towards an easy bed time tonight. I did tell them that being a good sport, or a glutton for punishment, he is coming back tonight so that will give them something to plot about today. And if Cyril's knot tying book arrives today, it could be really bad/good. I was thinking of setting up a camera so we could watch. And see Cameron's funny face.

Oh, and Gavin put up more stories and pictures on the Best Odyssey blog. The shark ones are good. http://www.offshoreodysseys.com/owners/log.php?log_id=52

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