Thursday, May 29, 2008

new blogs

I just wanted to introduce the new blogs I've added to my list.

Courtney-Clark is actually a personal life-makeover consultant. I'm sure I, my wardrobe, and my pantry would be a great project but right now I just like getting ideas from her posts and little decorating-fashion-and everything else hints. I wonder if there's anything for puffy eyes because....

I was just reading some posts on Sand in the Gears, which I came across in the WSJ this morning. I was interested because it is written by a dad of four boys. That in itself is enough to clue you in that there will be lots of funny stories. Oh, and they homeschool. I was not disapointed and had some good laughs. Tirzah, if you read the post "And Jesus Wept" be warned. And prepared. I wasn't. But the kids were playing outside so no one was worried. I have not read them all but I read, empathized, and laughed enough to recommend it.

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