Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hearing Aid

Kateri's hearing aid is here. She and I were guessing what color it might be the other day, "bebe weddow, bebe wed, bebe pink. " I was drying her hair with a purple hair dryer and she offered maybe purple?. I thought that was probably hte least likely so I was very surprised when she came home with a pink and purple swirled hearing aid.

Shane came and took her and while he was checking e-mail, she went over everything in the bag and what it was for and how to use it. She said

"And you put this in the mircrowave for 3 minutes andyou use this for..." and she picks up a little poky thing and starts pushing on a spot on the hearing aid. I told her to wait for papa to explain it and he came up and repeated everything Kateri had just said. The little poker was for opening the battey cover. She even told me which part could get wet and which couldn't. Shane was amazed because the doctor explained and showed him everything and Kateri hadn't seemed like she was paying attention but she got it all. Makes me wonder if she really needs an aid at all.

She is already quite proficient at taking it out and turning it off and on by herself. Putting it in is still a little awkward- even for me. I'msure wiht her little fingers she'll be better in no time. But she asks to put it on and then wants to go outside to see if she can hear bugs. I was trying to get her excited about wearing it and was telling her she might be able to hear all kinds of things and I did throw in "like a bug walking".

I'm not sure how much it adds for her and how much she thinks it does. She came up with an inflated balloon and scraped her fingers across it and exclaimed excitedly, "Mom, I can hear this". I'm pretty sure she could have before.

The doctor said to ease into wearing and just try it for a little bit each day until she is used to it but she seems to like it ok and even asked to wear it yesterday. It was in an out all day and I had to keep reminding her not to press on it while its in her ear. It makes these little chirpping sounds when you do, which she likes. We get to borrow the aid for 6 mos to see if makes a difference for her, after which we pay for our own and possible a replacement for this one. Depending on if its still able to be located. It is so small and she is so capable and confident in her skills of using and caring for it I am afraid it will be hurt by someone. She is not to take it out without help but I think if I had everything set up for her in a special place she could do it all herself and it would be fine. But what she can reach, so can Pippin.

One drawback is they fixed the volume so it cannot be adjusted, which is good so she doesn't do it and I don't forget. But we were instructed to take it out if she is in an area where there is a lot of noise. I'm wondering if that includes the breakfast table.

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