Monday, May 19, 2008

Our Week-end

We had some very nice weather thur and fri so we took advantage of school still being in session, and had some relaxing trips to the beach. Its hard to chase Pippin, chasing birds, in crowds of people and then we don't have so much competition for the crabs, although, the four kids had competition enough amongst themselves and somebody always came up a crab short. So at least they had something to fight over. Pippin engaged in one of his favorite pasttimes of throwing rocks. Speaking of which, this is a clip on the subject. Boys!

Kateri and Pippin did not care about riding home in wet clothes. I took them off before we drove home and their shoes dried in time for our trip back the next day.
Pippins other favorite activit- chasing birds. He's very fast and hard to keep up with on the rocks. The bird was too quick for him and after three sprints he settled for yelling at it.


I was surprised that after such a day they still did not settle down for bed until 10:00. Amazingly, Pippin is taking a nap right now, which he doesn't normally do but I am so grateful for. He was pretty much begging for one when he got up. At least his whining was. Poor boy. He is coming down with the lovely summer cold the girls and I are suffering through. I love having a head cold when its sunny and 80 degrees out. Today is cloudy so its ok now. We'll just have a relaxed, Benadryl kind of day. And maybe some tea.

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