Thursday, May 1, 2008

Kateri Is Going To Be A Great Mom

So, later today Kateri was feeling down so I reminded her we had some dishes to do. She perked up and helped load them all in. She put soap in the dispenser, closed the door, and turned the dishwasher on. Then she turned around and said,

"WEll, what should we make for dinner?"

I mentioned hashbrowns in the lineup and she went to into the pantry then popped her head out and asked,

"Should we do one, or two potatoes?"

She hauled out two about the size of Idaho, went and got the peeler, which she handed off to me because her arms get tired, and went off to procure the grater and a spatula.

I can't wait until she is 5. Then she can drive, and she can do the Costco shopping.

1 comment:

Tirzah said...

Kateri is my hero. Please send her over immediately. If you're too busy, just let her drive herself. You KNOW she can. I think she's secretly a Jedi.