Tuesday, March 4, 2008


We are really happy to have Shane home. I'm not sure why but just three days and it sometimes seemed harder than his 2 week trips. He had a lot of fun and liked trying new terrain- like going down paths and dodging trees, sounds fun doesn't it. He liked the longer runs and the village, or whatever they call it. He just tried Whistler which means he can try Blackcombe another time. I missed him most at night. I had no one to say," I heard something " to and then send on a wild goose chase until I remember I had turned on the dishwasher or whatever. The new bed time routine had been going well and we had even moved the little kids out of our bed, which is nice. Although if we get lonely we just have to sit up and there they are sleeping on the floor. We've still got some work to do. Shane bought 2 weather balloons and let the kids play with one last night. IT was really neat and would go soaring up to the ceiling with just a slight tap.
The kids had a hard time catching it when it was time to put it away.
It did wonders for Kateri's hair. It lasted until just after dinner. Shane is going to get some helium and plan some fun times for the kids later.
"Feel My Tummy"

Kateri ate a ton of lunch and then wanted everyone to feel how full her tummy was. She said she ate all her lunch so now she can grow big like mamma and drive the car and go to the store to get gum.

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