Thursday, March 20, 2008

Holy Thursday!!

I can't beleive it already is Holy Thursday. Time flies. I had plans for today. I thought the kids and I could read the Passion play and color the little figures to act it out. And I thought we'd make the Pascha bread. Tirzah and I decided to dispense with our tradition of making it together. Somehow it just seemed like a bad idea this year.

Last year was the year we decided to build our own fence so the kids could play outside while we worked. Shane was a little less than thrilled with the baby gates and folding tables we laced together with ropes. And the bare spot the big toy bin left in the lawn has never recovered. But you do what you have to and we thought we were pretty creative. And we got the pascha done.

I am thinking we were right to hold off this year. The kids all got up on the wrong side of whatever and I actually feel like I might be coming down with something and have been really tired. So adding lots of cooking mess and sticky dough would not have helped.

Someone decided to go ahead with the plan, while I was being bad and reading Tirzah's blog. I was distracted by her red shoes and was not preapared when I went into the kitchen and found this:
I followed the foot prints,
Someone's been sitting on my couch,
and soon apprehended the culprit. For securtity reasons I can't show his face but his name is Pippin.

So an hour later, after sweeping, vacuuming, and bathing, we are almost back to normal -whatever that is. Except I'm more tired and Pippin who did not nap is more whiny and I never did make it to the store so we'll have to be creative for dinner. Very creative. It probably won't be anything I would photograph or report on. But hey, its Lent.

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Tirzah said...

Sometimes during a football game, someone will streak across the field. When they do, the cameras never show the person because they think it would encourage others seeking publicity. I think perhaps Jack and Pippin might get ideas from each other.