Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Book Him

Kateri and I were making raspberry syrup for our french toast when Pippin came down from the school room with ink all over his stomach. I picked him up and asked,

"Pippin, did you get into the pens?"- dumb question I know.

"NO" he answered.

"Then how did you get pen on your tummy?"

Kateri immediately went into interrogator mode. She crossed her arms and started out with good-cop lull you by my sweetness voice and asked,

"PIppin, dijyu cwimb up on the desk and get da pens?"

"NO" he insisted again, " I didn't."

"Den how dijyu get da pen?" changing immediately to the I know you did it don't try to get out of it tell me everything I already know voice.

"I cwimbed on da caburd" he whined. Meaning the one in the kitchen where we were cooking.

"But I didn't see you come down here and cwimb on da KAHBURD" she said emphatically, her eyes narrowing.

"So you had to get on da desk and get a pen" she announced. Case closed.

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