Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Kids Roughing It

The kdis built the beautiful little hide out in the living room yesterday. The beautiful thing about it was there was room for everyone and they played nicely and ate their Panda food in it. Later, Kateri wanted to try it as a trampoline. It was not so beautiful. I was glad her attempts to get Pippin to join her had not been successful.

Tuesday was Chopin's birthday and they played a lot of his music on the radio all day. After awhile I started missing playing the piano and then got up the nerve to check Craigslist once again. I had backed off for awhile- initially spurred on by some bad interactions-warning, if someone named Jesse says to e-mail for pictures- DON'T. And then after awhile I was enjoying the not searching all the time. Trying to be the first responder and waiting feverishly for a "yes, its still available" from the seller. Or you miss it and you feel like that was the best deal lever and now you've lost it and there will never be another like it. Ever. And I was feeling content to just wait and find exactly what I want even if its at a store instead.

So yesterday I typed in piano and found a Kimball for $200 not far from our house. It was still available so I mailed Shane to get his ok and in the mean time someone else snatched it. So now I am in my very quiet house with nothing to express my sadness with while the hunt goes on. But Shane did give me liscence to just agree to something right away if I want it. So next time, Gadget. Or maybe we'll just go to a piano store. Not really.

We just finished lunch after a trip to Central Market. I needed to get fresh flour. Now I'm going to make coffee and check for any new piano listings.

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