Sunday, March 2, 2008

Our Week-end

Shane and Aaron were goe to Whistler this week-end so Tirzah and I had the bright idea of getting together, thinking it would make things easier. Actually, I think she thought of it. It did make the time interesting- like when no one would settle down to sleep.
Kateri offered to read Jack Are You My Mother to hepl him get to sleep- and stay in the bed- neither of which worked.
We were pretty hard up for entertainment. Pippin did his best by putting on a baby seat and chasing the big kids. It looked best when he crawled, like a turtle with a shell.
We were silly enought to attempt a Scrabble game. After we heard a few thunks upstairs I went to check on the kids. I think they called this paraticular rendition "Katrina" I think they were just trying to give us something to do . To make the time past.
Well' after that they further felt inspired- as least Kateri did- to urinate on her rug- and Auntie Tirzah's body pillow. Tirzah really appreciated the gift and felt such gratitude she decided to have Damien come stay with her and went home the second night. We parated on friendly terms. She made the bed and I washed her bedding and I think all the kids went to bed earlier.

Thank good-ness the guys come home tonight.

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