Thursday, March 6, 2008

Dark Helmet

a.k.a. Kateri's hair. There is no other way to describe it. It was getting a little long and she asked me for a hair cut today so I gave her one. she loves getting it cut and styled and I've been contemplating taking her to see Nina- but at $50 a cut I was not sure I wanted to get her acquainted with the ways of Gene Juarez at the age of 4. So I grabbed my ice-forged-steel clippers and went to town. She got to watch in the mirror and at one point giggled and said "I look like a churkey" and then she kept saying she looked like a different girl. Tirzah called in the midst of clipping so see what we were up to. She thought it sounded fun so she stopped by to play beauty salon too.
And the results are: I think this damp beach look is a good one for her. The water really helps with the tendency the hairs have to fan out like a straw wig. Maybe just a little gel in the morning and she'll be good to go.
The tucked behind the ear ultra sleek look I think would do well for her board meeting days. We're shopping for a power suit for her. Actually, any thing she wears she makes a power suit.
Sometimes a girl just needs to be herself for a little.

And here is the problem. It dries and looks like, well , a dark straw helmet.

At least she is cute and can get away with any hair cut. Maybe for her 5th birthday we'll go see Nina. Or sooner if it starts growing out and looks terrible.

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