Monday, March 24, 2008

Pascha in Seattle

Which means rain so i didn't actually get any out door pictures. Holy Saturday and Bright Monday the weather is sunny and nice but of course Sunday we got rain. But we had good time at Grandma and Grandpa's with an indoor egg hunt. Grandma found these cute little felt baskets for the kids. Pippin thought his looked good as a hat. I think he was right.
This was obviously not Sunday- as you can see sun. Shane and Ron have gotten most of the main frame of the play set done. The next step is setting the "swing beam" which I just like to say. And settling on a location so he can get the foundation done.
As a start to the week I was woken by the sound of knocking at 4am this morning. I was prepared for the "I'm scared, I can't sleep, or even someone peed the bed" excuse for rousing us pre-dawn. I was not prepared for the "my tummy hurt........barf" . All over our rug, and into the garbage can. And finally the bathroom floor and toilet. I got Cyril all showered and changed and settled in bed again and then proceeded to scrub and lysol everything, all the while thinking I hate jelly beans and chocolate peanut butter cups. I'm thinking and hoping it was just the sugar. HE slept the rest of the night without incident and had some orange shake this morning. I decided a nice scented liquid would be better than other things to clean up. Father always warns about easing off the fast and making yourself sick. I've decided we are just not going to go there period. We'll just stay very no/low sugar. I think they all feel so much better without it.

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