Sunday, March 30, 2008

Move over Coco

Yesterday we had to make a trip to Costco. I announced it to the kids and told them to get ready. A few minutes later she came down in this get up. Pants- by Audrey's baby clothes
Jacket- by Grandma Trudy
Fleece snow hat-by Pippin
Flip flops- by last year's and still too big
Glasses- by Papa's 3-D movie trip
She really knows how to reuse clothes season after season and make them look good.

I told her to be still for a picture and she started doing all kinds of poses and faces. I promise she has never seen the runways but she could easily be on one. Especially with the outfits she creates.

She really does like the camera's. Trudy has some amazing ones of her in a little ballet dress and veil I'll have to put up. I"m thinking if she ever catches on to how cute she is we may have to intervene like the von Trapps did. They noticed one of the girls getting a little vain and paying too much attention to the mirror so they staged a conversation for her to overhear where they all bemoaned how funny looking the girl was getting and how sad it was because she had been so cute. Or something like that.
But, fortunately Kateri doesn't have to rely on her looks for anything. And she knows it. I guess if it came to it we could just send her to a convent for a few years.
I did have her change before we left. It was cold and rainy.
But if you need any fashion advice let me know and I'll give you her number. Kateri's Konsulting is up and running.

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