Thursday, August 9, 2007

Wine, anyone?

I finally took the kids in for their shots. I figured it would be best to get it all over with and do them all at once. Thankfully, my mother-in-law came with me to help and though it was a bit of a shuffle it actually went well. The kids didn't make a peep even once. I was very proud of them. The kids' eye sight is all good for now. I got a referral for Kateri to get her ears and hearing checked. Her speech is still pretty garbled and I had to interpret for her on the eye exam. The doctor seemed a little leary of homeschooling and asked about the kids socialization skills etc. When I mentioned Cyril doesn't read yet- he is 6 1/2-he asked,

"Does that concern you?"

"No", I said. "He's a just not reading yet. I know his eyes and brain work fine. He'll read eventually."

"When would you be concerned?"

"If he was 15." I answered.

It does get a little irritating , all the questions they ask to make them feel like you are qualified to be a parent.

I think the kids are having a reaction to the shots. Today they are excessively whiny and quarrelsome. Oh, wait. That is a typical day for them. I wish it was a reaction so it would go away eventually, I'm tempted to put them all in solitary confinement so it will be quiet. Or we could just work on our problem solving skills.

Speaking of wine, I've been wanting to start a wine journal here. I've started a book but it is nice to see the labels too, not that I have all of them but here are a few I have at the moment so I figured I'd jsut start here. These are all not too expensive 2005 California Merlots.
The Bogle($10) Tirzah and Aaron inroduced us to in Hatteras. Its nice for just about any occasion and the one we usually fall back on if we are undecided what we are in the mood for.

The Hahn($7) we tried based on the recommendation of the owner of Arista's- the wine cellar in Edmonds. It was very good. I don't usually get the whole top notes of lemongrass with hints of truffles, a bouquet of calla lilies with a finish of cardammon, bernaise sauce, and spam. I just like the wine or I don't. But this one, though very subtle tasted like dark chocolate with lilacs. Which I have actually tasted. The lilacs I mean. It was best just out of the bottle and would fade too quickly if decanted but was still fine to drink. We bought a second bottle.

The Cycle's Gladiator($8) was not too great and a little spicy- but not the good kind. I wouldn't get it again.

Shane decided it would be good to just have some wine you can count on on hand so he got a case of the Bogle. I think they look pretty lined up against the tiled backsplash in my kitchen. I'll add some other favorites later and maybe figure out how to keep a running list I can up-date on my blog but I am not that clever yet.

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