Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Kids are growing so much, infact, I am going to have to ....cheat

Cyprian was getting a little too clever in manuevering chairs around the kitchen to use as step stools. A lot of the time he'd "make" coffee and while cleaning up the freshly ground coffee spilled on the cupboard, I'd decide to just use it rather than toss it, and make a latte. Some days I'd get a little jittery from his escapades and when I couldn't turn my back, or leave the room without him climbing up to see what's cooking on the stove, I decided to put a stop to it. And when that didn't work, I decided it was time to tie the chairs to the table. I stole the idea from Tirzah when Jack was going through the same stage. My first time dealing with it I came up with using folding chairs and putting them away after every meal. It did get old, as I am sure navigating around the rope web will, but for now I can feel safe going to the bathroom by myself.

Pippin is not as happy with the new arrangement.

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