Thursday, August 16, 2007

Please go away

So, we've been meaning to put up a sign since we got here but I've finally been bothered enough to get this up for now. I feel so not in my own private kingdom when strangers come sauntering up to the door all the time. This was the third one in three days. Two were just today. And they won't be deterred by a broken doorbell either. This last one knocked so loudly I heard it from the back yard. One magazine subscription and one business card later I've had it. I don't read the Times, I don't want to, and my recycle is too full already. Nor do I want to discuss if I have a security system and what do I feel are its deficiencies and what time will my husband be home so we can talk about it. The most bothersome aspect of it is when I open the door- I know I could not but with the kids shouting at the door and Kateri un-locking it, it just wouldn't work- the front door all the kids come running and I have to restrain Pippin who wiggles and fusses to get down and escape down the driveway while the sales man undaunted launches into a pitch. And Kateri sneaks past and is dancing on the porch asking to ride bikes so I can't just say good-bye and quickly shut the door. So after this last one- who promises to come back later when Shane is home- I finally put up a sign. I hope he doesn't take it too personally.

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