Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pippin Ben Hur

Kateri and Pippin came up with a clever solution to the " we have one tricycle and two kids" problem. It was all on their own and I was pretty impressed. Kateri is out whizzing around the cul-de-sac and Pippin shouts "Ride!" and she screams up to the curb, he hops on and off they go. She is pretty amazing flying up and down driveways and inclines without even pausing. Whizzing around the bigger kids on their bikes and cars. He just stands like a charioteer and looking stoic, takes in the views. Shane wants to superimpose them over a picture of the chariot race. I was amazed at how long they would ride this way. Its a good thing he is still lighter than she is-though not by much. She tried giving a neighbor girl a ride and they flipped over. So far Pippin has only tried a running dismount once and only got a few scrapes on his foot.

I went to check on Kateri in the bathroom and found her sitting, reading the Wall Street Journal. I think she has her eye on some stocks and companies that play into her plans for world domination. I'll pass on any good trading tips she lets me in on.

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