Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Thank You Saint Anthony

Yes, it getting a little crowded out there but I'll finish my project soon and we are having a neighborhood garge sale this week-end so hopefully it will get cleared out.

Yes, we finally found the charger for the camera battery. Of all places it was in Shane's desk drawer. You never think to look where something actually belongs. But it was and now I can have up to date pictures. We did miss a few good photo ops in the couple weeks it was lost but oh well. Now if I can just find the mouse for my computer I'd be set.

We made a Resotration run the other day. No bedroom furniture but I did think to look for knobs for Shane's desk. I am almost done with the slides for the top and though they have "hand carved" areas for handles I thought it would look cute with little knobs. They had one that was perfect. The only problem was, it was one. And it was actually the display on the box. I was sad because it was perfect. It was round and small and brushed nikel and super adorable. Cyril had to go to the bathroom so while Shane took him the kids and I went on a hunt for misplaced knobs. There were baskets to go through so we sat down and stared searching. The kids thought it was fun and found lots of treasures. Many were miniature sized and they liked that. I started a collection of possible candidates hoping to get a pair. Shane came back and helped and finally we found a match for the original one we wanted. I was so happy. The picture doesn't do it justice. Part of its attractiveness is its weight. It looks so small but it is heavy. I just love quality hardware that you know won't break or fall part and that feels nice to use. And to find all that in a tiny little pull! I can't wait to see it on the desk. I know it seems crazy to be in raptures about a lump of metal but I really appreciate how attentive they were in making the knobs and it didn't go unnoticed.

I've almost finished staining the rest of the fence. I'd like to finish today- I only have half a section-but it is raining. Which is probably good because I worked all day on it yesterday and the house is in need of some serious attention. So I'll be working on that today.

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