Saturday, August 11, 2007

Our First Garage Sale

The neighborhood girls with their umbrellas. Shane decided to offer some entertainment.
Woud you like to buy some candeeeeez.

I've never actually had a garage sale and don't think I would have but the neighborhood suggested doing a block sale so we rummaged through the garage and house and put up a table and some things with little sticky price tags and sat out in the sun to bake. It was not an overwhelming success and I think it could have been advertised a little better- like on craigslist-but we ended up with some cash, a little more garage space, and really funky sun burn lines. Actually, it will be tan by the morning but I have a funny v-shape from my button up to and one corner of my forehead is considerably whiter than to other due to my bangs. We were making fun of the neighbor lady because she had strange lines on her face from her hair and after I got out of the shower I saw I had the same. But if I keep my bangs forward you can't tell.

After the hordes of people out looking for stupid people selling things for a fraction of what they are going to re-sell it for on craigslist or e-bay ( and yes I fell into that category- the stupid category) we all planned a big barbecue in the middle of the cul-de sac. It was really fun and the kids had a great time. We have a very family friendly neighborhood and there were boys whizzing around on their bikes and shooting with guns and girls pushing strollers and blowing bubbles. I think we had about 13 kid together the oldest beint 10. They were all filthy when we brought them in. And exhausted too. As we all were. One of our neighbors made bratwursts which he kept in warm ale for 3-4 hours and them made a pepper and onion and beer relish to go on top. It was really good and we all ate much and then ate brownies and rice crispie treats and lots of other things. It was a really exhausting day and getting up at 6am that morning I am not sure how I think it went yet. I'll wait until we tally things up and I get some sleep. Our main objective was to clear out the garage and we did do that some by getting rid of two bookshelves- one of which we finally just gave away. But were a little bummed to still be stuck with to large dressers and I guess we'll try craigslisting them. We kept lowering the price as the day went on and finally after no one even looked at them for $10 a piece gave up.

One of the bookshelves we sold I got on craigslist but since I found the big maple shelves, didn't really have room for. I sold it for what we paid but it worked out well because the lady who bought it lives 1 1/2 blocks from here and she homeschools her two kids so I got to meet and exchange numbers with her. She thanked me for all the sanding I'd done as she plans on staining it to match some her other furniture.

And I learned to research items before pricing them so it was I guess a fruitful event. The kids had a blast and are ready to do it again tomorrow. I'm still tired and am fine waiting at least a year.

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