Monday, August 13, 2007

Craigslist Rules

So after, our long day garage saling, we decided to put everything left on craigslist. In 10 min we sold 3 large wooden chairs- which I had actually forgotten to put out on Saturday- both of the dressers - for $25 each-and lots of inquiries about the other items. And the items were picked up so all we hd to do was take pictures. Definitely the way to go for furniture. And no sunburn either.

We spent the day working in the garage and Shane cut off a couple inches from the maple shelves and I helped him move them up to the school room. He's going to put the trim back on the top but make it one continuous piece. I like them more and more. I decided not to work on refinishing them. They are in decent shape but I'm going to get some Liquid Gold to clean them. It works wonders on wood. Trudy, my mother-in-law, used it on the wood cabinets on our old house and it looked like we had refinished them. Amazing stuff. I might start filling up the shelves too but I also woke up with a cold yesterday and it is worse today so I might take 'er easy. Kateri woke up with one as well, which explains her really really whiny mood yesterday. It usually happens without fail- every time Shane thinks about crossing the mountains to visit his grandparents the kids get sick and then we have to wait a couple weeks for it to get through everyone.

Shane just informed me the weight set and file cabinet are going to be picked up tonight. Maybe I'll go through the house and see what else I missed for the garage sale. I think we're getting close to covering my grocery budget for the month

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