Monday, August 20, 2007

Growing Kids

I think I am at the turning point in raising kids. The point where it starts to get easier- meaning there are more kids who can dress themselves than can't. When they are little and it is just you taking care of four little ones it feels like there will just be more laundry and dishes and diapers to change and you'll never get on top of it all. Then you wake up one day and Cyril asks to mow the lawn. And Audrey wants to learn to use the espresso machine. And Kateri says she will come in a minute she is still "weeping" the floor. Suddenly the lawn looks magically manicured, the kitchen floor feels fine on your bare feet, and a foamy breve latte is waiting on the cupboard for you. It does happen. Kateri just came in to tell me she is done cleaning her room and ready to vacuum. I feel spoiled. I did pay him $5 for the lawn. But he asked for work to earn money.

Kateri dancing in her "India dress. Its pordant (important) so be careful"

One breve latte coming up!

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Tirzah said...

So, when can you send your kids over to my house?