Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Spill-proof my foot

So I had to go to the store today and the kids found some bubble packs and asked to get them. They were $1.50 each so I got them each one and come from home from shopping planning on the kids playing outside while I worked on the house and lunch. I didn't look on the back of the package which explicitly states it is only spill proof when the bubble liquid does not exceed this line. And tells you to dump out the extra liquid to save for another day of bubble-blowing fun.
Seriously, the line gives you this much which is barely enough for the wand to get wet.
So, in short ordere Cyprian did this with his bubbles, which he actually thought was pretty fun.
And the big kids made more bubbles with the hose to clean off the porch. Then we all came in to change our soapy and wet clothes and make lunch together as we made plans to do it again sometime soon. But I think all the bubbles are gone so it might be awhile. I am not sad.

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